If you are:

  • going through a breakup and feel like no one will love you again
  • seeking love around you with each interaction
  • looking in the mirror and criticising yourself
  • blaming yourself for the negative events in your life
  • scared of spending time alone
  • always busy and looking for distractions to ocupy your time

Then I can support you with:

  • getting over heartbreaks
  • gaining your independence
  • falling back in love with yourself
  • connecting you with your inner thoughts and feelings
  • boosting your confidence
  • overcoming your low self-esteem


I’m beginning to feel more confident and I feel more like my old self. I just had to realise a lot of the things I do daily and remember that I’m actually an amazing person, irrespective of being in a relationship or not. This course was exactly what I needed, it has given me the support and kick in the bum to help move on.

When I first met Alexandra, I was slightly in a dark space, lonely, crying and in pain from the loneliness and being agitated and blocked from the past. I had one hour talk with her where we dug down on not just my romantic relationships, but my family as well. I had so much takeaway which I remember off by heart!

'Writing can save a person in many ways'

How We Can Work Together

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