Many relationships develop through technology nowadays, either because of the distance or because of lack of time to meet regularly. Or just out of pure commodity. Which makes it crucial to know how to read a guy from his text messages.

Source: Picjumbo.com

Source: Picjumbo.com

Some of you might remember the mIRC ages, when virtual conversations started with the classic “asl pls” which went for age, sex and location. Conversations evolved from that since we no longer depend to an Internet café. We are able to connect with anyone with a simple smartphone, whether by Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype or just a text message.

The disadvantage of maintaining a relationship through technology is not being able to actually see and interpret the body language of your partner. So how do you know the way a guy reacts when reading your text? What does he want to say by those words and most importantly how in the world can you make an impression about this man who texts you before you even had a proper first date?

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Engaging in mutual texting has given me a set of clues about guys’ behaviour (of course, I am not a master and I most certainly cannot read guys’ minds) so here are 5 hints to read a guy from his text messages:

  1. Grammar and punctuation

If you send me a message with misspellings, wrong punctuation or inappropriate grammar, no matter the language of our conversation, that’s a definite turn off.  Bonus points if you impress me with correct texting, including a spontaneous chat where you don’t have time to check the dictionary for every word you type. It may not be that guys who text in poor Romanian or English or a combination of these two are idiots, they are just not giving too much f**k about the messages they send you to be concerned about how they write.

grammar read a guy from his text messsagesgrammar correct read a guy from his text messages







  1. Emoticons… lots of them 🙂

Don’t get me wrong, I like smiley faces and I use them too, but if you have an emoticon every three words, it brings the conversation to a first-grader’s level. Ok, the 🙂 and the 🙁 can underline the meaning of a sentence and try to substitute the lack of mimics and body language, just don’t overuse them. I will otherwise think that you are short of words and that is not due to my ravishing appearance since you are just facing a screen and a keyboard. Or maybe you are trying too hard and that can have the opposite effect.

emoticons read a guy from his text messages

  1. Short replies

When the conversation is actually you asking questions and getting yes/no answers, the guy is most obviously not interested in revealing too much about him. It goes the same if you are the one initiating the texts all the time. It doesn’t take a master to read a guy from his text messages if he is not interested. For as busy as he might be, it really isn’t that difficult to type a full sentence. That is, of course, if he wants to. Try to reply the same way and see what happens or don’t even bother at all.

short-reply read a guy from his text messages

  1. Time between messages

You text him “How about a movie later?” and five hours later he replies “Sorry, I can’t”. That’s one of the most common scenarios I stumbled upon and I am tempted to not give it a second chance. But hey, maybe the guy was really busy, at work or just doing his stuff. So maybe I fall in the trap a second time, but that’s not the point. What really matters is that a guy who constantly has better things to do than replying to your texts is not interested in impressing you. He would rather go to sleep or ignore his phone even when knowing that a woman is trying to reach for him.

reply read a guy from his text messages

  1. Sexual references

Ok, this is like a minefield. I am sure all women got at least one text from at least one man with a sexual (hidden or explicit) meaning. But how do you know what really stays behind this type of messages and how do you read a guy from his text messages if all you get are booty calls? It’s simple, there are two types of guys launching this sort of conversation: the ones who only want to get you in bed and are very explicit about it and the ones who want the same but they only have the balls to say something when hiding behind the screen. It just depends on how you play it, but if you want the same, at least go for the game of the first category. Otherwise, it might get confusing.

sexual reference read a guy from his text messages

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Elena · January 24, 2015 at 3:28 PM

Darling, you already know what you want, stop texting and call whenever you want a straight answer.

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