single women new york magazine coverThe cover of New York Magazine stated a couple of weeks ago that single women are taking over the power. Basically, the article refers to single women as the potent political power in America, as they are the ones who are more successful, this way empowering a thought that has been long on the lips of all feminist supporters.

The question is whether this is entirely true and how can an ambitious woman develop a balanced life on both personal and professional sides.

In a world that is trying to blend discrimination and tolerance towards women’s leadership, feminists tend to become more vocal. With women running for presidency and proving success in entrepreneurship, the scale has been reversed when it comes to  the social roles of men and women.

Gender is no longer a label that sends women in the category of household and men in 9-to-5 jobs as providers. Instead, in many cases, the mother holds a leadership position in a company or even owns a business, while the father is the carer of children. Modern men understood this and no longer feel their manhood undermined when taking days off to take care of little ones. The government of many countries acknowledged this switch of roles by giving the men the possibility to take paternity leave when their partners give birth. The most recent example that crosses my mind is the movie “The Intern”, where Anne Hathaway plays the role of a young entrepreneur woman who runs an ecommerce business while her husband is the housewife who takes care of their daughter.

Reality is instead a bit difficult and many women experience a case of spouses not being supportive, nor willing to give up their jobs and their careers. Therefore, women choose to be single. Either divorced or not even with a thought of going into a serious relationshisp that would distract them from being their best selves on the professional paths.


Why Are Successful Women Single?

  • single-successful-womenRelationships require time investment which successful women don’t have. Of course, it is a matter of priorities, but most of the time, work invades personal life and the partner becomes frustrated, leading to break up.
  • Some men can’t stand the thought to be with women who are smarter and earn more money than themselves.
  • Without the worries of running errands, cooking dinner or attending parents-teachers meetings, women focus only on their career
  • After heartbreaks, women have a tendency of becoming taugher, more goal-oriented, projecting their failure in love into succeeding career-wise. (ex: Queen Elizabeth I, Jane Austen, Coco Chanel)

My Thoughts On Successful Single Women

I am a dreamer though and I want to believe that a woman can have it all. All that she needs, not all that’s out there for her. Any soul needs someone to talk to at the end of the day and a strong hug to make all bad things go away. Otherwise we turn bitter and I believe that bitterness makes a leader bad. Solitude makes a leader bad. And no company can run properly with a bad leader, no employees can be happy with a bitter boss.

Indeed, it is not easy to find support in your partner, but if you choose wise, the odds are he will be your rock. I am not expecting a man to give up his ambitions just to be by my side around the clock. Lack of ambition is the least attractive. Independent and strong women need a man who understands them because they are strong as well. As for parenthood, we don’t need to have it all figured out already, but I believe in equality. Whatever that translates into.

Most important of all must be finding a partner that shares your principles and ideas, so that none of you feels they give up something they had planned. Life is full of unexpected anyways. Successful women don’t have to be single unless they choose to.

Photo 1: Nymag.com

Photo 2: Milada Vigerova / Unsplash


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