When Birthdays Become More Personal


I’ve realised that the older you get, the more birthdays become personal. This year I chose to fly back home and spend my 28th birthday with my beloved parents, in my hometown. This also gave me the chance to meet up with my old close friends from home.

birthdays become personal

It was also a good opportunity to prepare some new surprises for my coaching biz. You see, it all seems to work out for the best when you put your thoughts and intentions into it. As I grow older, I feel that there is no other place like home to spend birthdays, anniversaries and traditional holidays.

To summarise my wishes for my new year, I dream of new opportunities and I dream big! I see myself succeeding in my passion project and all I can do in this direction is work my ass off to make it come true.

Gotta go now, birthdays become personal with years and so is the birthday cake! XOXO

Stay inspired!



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