It has been a while, but I am back from my break from writing.

break from writing

It has been more than one month since I blogged about life, dates, fashion or travel. Now I am back and must start with explaining why I took a break from writing.

To be honest, it was more or less a personal decision to take a break. As a writer or a person with any other creative inclinations, you sometimes experience blank spaces and dead periods. One would say it is normal to go through a time without inspiration. But guess what, it wasn’t inspiration I was struggling with, on the contrary, it was too much going on that prevented me to sit down and write.

What I did understand and concluded after this month that I stayed away from my blog – and I mean from posting not only on the website, but also on social media platforms – are a few things that reinforce my reasons I took a break from writing.

What Happens When Taking A Break From Writing

  • When it feels like it is a burden, leave it to rest. If you force yourself to create something because you MUST, the result will be far from what you want to communicate. It applies in any area of your life, when a task is compulsory and you only do it to cross it off the list, then the outcome sucks. I chose to leave it to rest until I felt ready to get back in.
  • As I already mentioned, it wasn’t the lack of inspiration (thank God!). Instead it was just a rejection of thoughts, an avoidance to assess latest experiences that had shaken my inner balance (again…). Was I ashamed? Tired? Maybe both. What I do know is that I took a break from writing while at the same time I was craving to use writing therapy as a remedy.
  • Life takes over sometimes and you either stay behind and feel constantly frustrated, depressed and out of your own body or you keep up. Allow yourself to live. Cut yourself some slack and don’t put so much pressure on fixing everything by completing tasks you MUST do. Live a little. This way, you’ll just have more topics and experiences to write about.

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