We’ve all been there but do you know the break-up rules? And most of all do you follow them?

break-up rules

Break-ups are never easy, like any other changes that go on in your life. When your status goes from “in a relationship” to “single”, no matter how many feelings you invested or how long the relationship was, there is still something you need to absorb and breathe in before moving on.

The degree of sadness can be judged through many aspects: who initiated the break-up, what was going on before the critical point, what was the reaction of both parties when making the decision and so on. Regardless, there are certain break-up rules according to common sense that should apply to all ended relationships.

Break-Up Rules: Dos

  • Say hello to your ex if you accidentally bump into each other at the café, it would be rude to pretend you don’t know each other
  • Be open to additional explanations if the situation requires so, but keep in mind that doesn’t mean you will get back together after he apologizes, your decision doesn’t have to be influenced unless you want it to
  • Agree on a set date to give each other’s stuff back (clothes, toothbrush). This doesn’t include gifts made during the relationship. Anyway, the meeting should happen on neutral grounds, otherwise you might be tempted for some casual sex with the ex
  • Tell your friends so that you don’t end up in an awkward situation like “Hey, we bought two extra tickets for the theatre for you and your boyfriend to join us”.
  • Keep a friendship – if possible – and have a chat now and then, just leave out details about your latest hook-ups, dates or anything that involves other men (or women from his side)

Break-Up Rules: Don’ts

  • Don’t call or text your ex every day about insignificant things. If you want to know how he is, just ask, if you want to get his attention, ask for an encounter and solve your sh*t
  • Don’t post pictures on Facebook with new guys for at least the next week after the break-up and don’t change your status to “in a relationship with another guy” the next day. If you have someone already, try to be discreet and not show him off, or it will make your ex feel used. Just put yourself in his position. And no, doing this to make him jealous is out of discussion.
  • Don’t scratch his car or kidnap his cat or break his apartment’s window, you are not some crazy bitch. You are a responsible adult (who just mentally slaps his face every 5 minutes). This should be number 1 in the break-up rules and applicable to both parties
  • Don’t try to hook him up with some of your friends, you are not yet at that level of friendship and nor will you ever be. Just don’t try to hook him up with anyone, he is a grown man who can find women without your help
  • Don’t kiss on the lips when you meet afterwards, it is one of the important break-up rules, as natural as it may come. It puts you both in a confused position and you just need to know where you both stand at this moment of your post-relationship period.

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Elena · September 16, 2015 at 9:22 AM

Also, don’t bad mouth him, even if he was a cheater or worse. People might not believe you and you wil make a bad reputation for yourself, even if you are just trying to let others know about his major flaws. You’re not perfect either.

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