Friends are your most valuable asset, and they are supposed to be there for you for good or for worse (yeah, just like marriage). Friendship is difficult to acquire, but even more difficult to maintain. True friendships last for years.


Sometimes, although there are obvious differences in your ways of thinking because each of you develops and grows up according to personal and environmental values, you still feel confortable with the people that you have known for ages. Some other times, differencies can be so big that you can’t even stand a 10-minutes conversation without rolling your eyes and making an excuse to leave. Like any other relationships, friendships are not easy to deal with.

Going out with friends or just having someone to call when in need makes you a social person, instead of being lonely and sad. However, there are times when you wonder if there is anyone you can truly count on in your difficult times. So this is how I think friendships can influence your way of dealing with a situation and can turn you into an introvert:

Friends for good times vs friends for bad times

Nowadays we get to call someone a friend after going out for a drink or two and having a blast. “Yes, I went out with a friend” is a phrase that makes us look social, friendly, even interesting for others. We go out with friends, we get drunk and make memories, we share funny stories and have a good time. But if you are in some kind of trouble, would you call any of these friends? Would you feel like you can count on them? Or is your friendship so shallow that the worse you can be there for is to hold each other’s hair when throwing up after too many shots?

You already know what they are going to say

When you have to make a decision, you have known your friends for so long, that you can already hear them say “you are crazy to do that”, or “it is up to you, but I wouldn’t do so”. Therefore, since you think you know what their reactions will be like and what pieces of advice they will give, you decide it is better to analyze things for yourself, without asking anyone. It can get really tough and bye-bye impartiality. It is not easy to struggle with your own thoughts without hearing other opinions, even though they are contradictory.

You don’t want to bother them with your silly things

If you find yourself trying to reach an answer to a problem, it is a big dilemma for you. And you would love to complain to your friends and make lists of pros and cons, but you know that they have their own lives and their own problems, which are definitely more serious than your silly little “he didn’t call me back” situation. Wrong! If you are there to listen to your friends when they have issues, true friends will be there to listen to yours as well. No matter if it is an imaginary wrinkle, an argument with your boyfriend or a ruined recipe. If that is a matter of life and death to you, it should be for them as well.

In the end, it is your own decision.

It’s up to you if you want to confess to your friends what you are going through, or if you want to keep it to yourself. The only difference is that the second option will make it a bit more struggling for you. In the end, you will be ok, but you will have to go through the process of reaching the OK level by yourself. Friends are there for all the good times, best friends are the ones that help you, support you and offer you a shoulder to cry on or even more than that. Friendships are supposed to make you go through life easier, but if you choose to be an introvert, it is either because you don’t trust your friends or because you haven’t found the right ones yet.

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