When you are on a date and things seem to go well, conversation runs smoothly and jokes come naturally, you think you’re smashing the game. But sometimes a good date ends badly and all of a sudden you stop believing in romance.

good date ends badly

How Do You End Up On The Date

Simple answer: by mistake. Or better said randomly.

Here is the scenario: Girl meets guy, half hour later he invites me for drinks, I decide to be spontaneous and accept.

Conversation goes fine, I don’t take it as a date, but rather as meeting someone new with common interests. One glass of wine later, I thank the guy for walking me and for the drink and say my farewell. What does he do? Grabs me and tries to kiss me. Fair enough. The guy wanted to give it a shot, I can’t blame him.

But I say no. Hey, I deserve to be selective and I learned to speak my mind when I don’t approve with something. He insists, grabs me and force kisses me in the least romantic way. No, it wasn’t that kind of dramatic passionate kiss, it was against my will and for his only pleasure. And all the points he scored during the night are thrown out of the window.

And This Is How A Good Date Ends Badly

I don’t even know what bothered me most, if it was the non-gentlemanly way he acted, the fact that he disregarded my decision of not kissing him or the fact that he actually had potential and he ruined it with such a disrespectful attitude.

Well, one thing is for sure, there will be no second date. Man, you need to learn to respect when a woman doesn’t want to be harrased. No means no. I don’t say it just to play hard to get. You may be used to get it your own way, but there is nothing less attractive than forced contact.

Paying for a couple of drinks doesn’t give a man the right to ask anything in return. And women don’t need to feel obliged to men for being gentlemen. Because if they expect it, they are no gentlemen.

My point is that if you don’t feel comfortable with how a man acts, react. Say something, don’t let him get away with it and maybe he will know not to do the same with another woman. Think of it as a lesson that guys need to learn. And even if good dates end badly, don’t lose faith.

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