Holiday For Healing In Paris


Last year, I booked in May some Eurostar return tickets to take advantage of the discount they were offering. I then got a July trip to Brussels and a long weekend in Paris in September.healing in paris, seine river, weekend paris

Circumstances have made it so that by September I had gone through an emotional roller-coaster. That situation had drained a lot of my energy in a way that I wasn’t even able to write about it.

Every time I used to sit down in front of a blank paper, I felt like it was too painful to write. It was painful to accept that I had allowed myself to degrade emotionally to the extent of stepping on my self-esteem. I had to first deal with it and go through the process of healing before facing my emotions.

Therefore I avoided writing altogether. I took a break from writing.

How I Practised Healing In Paris

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The trip to Paris came at the exact right time. I was finally able to understand my feelings. There had been two months since I had written something and I was ready.

I had already been to Paris before when I was 17, so I wasn’t interested in visiting and being all touristy. My purpose was healing. And not anywhere, but healing in Paris.

I got myself an accommodation close to the Seine river to get me at ease with writing. As I mentioned before, water inspires me. And step by step I managed to break through my emotions. All I did those days was write and walk then write some more. Stop for a coffee, read, walk and write in the park.

It worked miracles! I could put it all down and make sense out of it, I could forgive myself for allowing my self-esteem to be destroyed by pure negativity masked under irrelevant excuses. But writing gave me back my freedom and I could come back to London at peace after a full 3-day unintended writing retreat for healing in Paris. Looking back now, all I can do is appreciate the lesson and be thankful for my discovery and my writing. Thank you, Paris!


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