They say that once you hit the rock bottom, there is no other way than going up. I completely agree with that, but the way you rise from depression also matters. It impacts a great deal of factors, such as how long it takes until you recover and how much your life will change after that.

worried girl rise from depression

Depression can strike in different stages of your life and it can have all sorts of simptoms and consequences. I am not going to go into a deeper definition of depression, for medical reasons are not my point here, nor the gravity. Maybe I am even exageratting by calling it depression when all I have been through at some point of my life was a constant unhappiness and discontent with myself and all the others surrounding me. A panic attack and a continous dissatisfaction were the key factors that made me want to get out of that state and seek for a way to rise from the ashes.

People have their own ways of dealing with sadness, discontent or even depression. Some may not even realise they don’t like their lives until it’s too late and then they panic or go to extremes in order to make a change. Others may be in a continuous search for something better and that too keeps them unhappy with their achievements.

I, for one, was feeling that I didn’t know how I got to a point where I didn’t like my personal and professional paths, my mood would switch very often, I didn’t know where to go from there, which steps to take in order to be happy, to be free and to be at peace with myself. So this is how I managed the situation and I decided it to be the best way to rise from the ashes of depression:

Seek For Help To Rise From Depression

The first step towards a remedy is to acknowledge your state, then to decide that you want to get out of it and consequently to allow people to help you. I went for help to a stranger at first, because somehow I felt no one around me could actually understand, so I chose counselling. Going to therapy is the one thing that was so different than I imagined, but so helpful in so many ways. It wasn’t about a doctor telling me what to do, it was about learning how to deal with emotions and thoughts and that is a solution to be applied for the rest of my life.

Support Of Friends

I knew that some of my friends would judge, some would be there for me, some would be too busy with their own problems and so I turned to friends in a different manner. Sometimes, friendships turn you into a introvert exactly because we know who will react how and because one desires to avoid these reactions. But we are humans and we need people in our lives and telling is better than keeping to ourselves, it makes it easier and more bearable.

You Have The Key To Rise From Depression

In the end, after you go through therapy and you reach out for friends and family, you are still the one who spends the most time with yourself. You need to find the inner strength to rise from the ashes of depression, you need to learn how to control emotions and to actually do it for your own good. You need to give a meaning to all of it and decide what is best for you according to instincts and feelings. Sometimes, you must get away from the rational and go with your feelings. But for as cheesy as it may sound, you are the only one who can actually make it better. I can guarantee that one!

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