This program is designed to transform your life, to get you in love with yourself and your potential, to move you past heartbreaking pain into living the life you love and deserve

 Get over pain.

The Impressive You program takes you from heartache and sense of loss to constantly knowing you are enough and being connected to your authentic voice that will guide you towards healthy relationships and a thriving life.

Boost your confidence and self-esteem.

When you know you have the answers, life will flow. The Impressive You focuses on breaking patterns and overcoming fears so that you finally feel free. Instead of running your life on auto-pilot, you will prioritise what truly matters to you, because you will be confident that you can conquer ANYTHING. You will shift your needs of validation to a mindset of healthy independence. More love inside means more love to give.

Create the life you desire and deserve.

Write your own story. Anything is possible. We look at all the areas of your life from the new mindset and develop goals for our dream life.


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I’m beginning to feel more confident and I feel more like my old self. I just had to realise a lot of the things I do daily and remember that I’m actually an amazing person, irrespective of being in a relationship or not. This course was exactly what I needed, it has given me the support and kick in the bum to help move on.

When I first met Alexandra, I was slightly in a dark space, lonely, crying and in pain from the loneliness and being agitated and blocked from the past. I had one hour talk with her where we dug down on not just my romantic relationships, but my family as well. I had so much takeaway which I remember off by heart!

What is The Impressive You?

This is the program that you’ve always secretly wished for to finally set you free from your fears and patterns that are running your life. In the moments when you feel lonely, unworthy, unlovable, you wish you had a guiding light to get you out of that mood. THIS is your guiding light! This program will take you to a deep level of self-discovery in 8 weeks and everything will finally make sense for you.


After I found myself searching on Google “what is the meaning of life” following a major panic attack and therapy sessions, I embarked on the most important journey of my life. Discovering and loving me for ME. The true me. The impressive me. My mission is to never allow anyone be in the point of googling the meaning of life. The answer is inside of each of you.


I have created this program to bring to surface the impressive you, the authentic you that has been covered by fears and patterns and broken relationships. Once we identify those fears and embrace our true selves, this program will give you the kick you need to a happy life.

What you get in the program

This is for you if:

  • you are stuck in a cycle of bad relationships that always end up with you being hurt
  • you seem to always fall in love with the wrong partner
  • you find it difficult to spend time alone?
  • you feel trapped in a routine and forget to check what it is you really want to do?
  • you tell yourself that nobody will love you again and you’ll die abandoned?
  • you look in the mirror and start criticising yourself?
  • you feel like you need someone else to make you feel good?

What is the result of the program?

You will be confident and independent

Decisions will be easy to make because you are connected with your inner guidance

You will have healthy relationships with friends, family and your partner

You will have time for what truly matters for you

You will never again ask yourself “Who am I to be loved?”

Your career will thrive because your mindset will put you in success-mode

You will have MORE FUN in your life, you will laugh harder and enjoy every single moment!

OK, how much does it cost?

When I was in my bed scrolling through the results for “the meaning of life” I would have paid anything! No amount of money matters when you don’t know what life is, what is your purpose, why you feel stuck. Can you really put a price on Your Self?

The Impressive You program is launching for the price of £497. One time payment, 8 weeks of transformation. The value of becoming The Most Impressive You cannot be measured in pounds.

Seriously, it’s a no-brainer. If you think about all the self-help books you spent money on, the time you wasted crying and trying to figure it all out by yourself…

This is the program you have been waiting for.




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