I finally did it! I’m so happy to announce you that I launched Impressivity YouTube Channel and I’m so excited! It’s all new to me and I love the challenge 🙂

impressivity youtube channel writing therapy coach

It’s all part of the new direction that Impressivity is taking, which is towards writing therapy and coaching. Don’t worry, I’ll keep blogging about dating, traveling and fashion, it’s my corner for my own therapy too.

For the first video on Impressivity Youtube channel, I wanted to give a brief introduction on what is writing therapy. It may not be so popular as a standalone tool for healing, but it is recommended by all therapists and self-help books. And from my own experience, it is the MOST powerful tool for getting over bad times and depression episodes.

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PLUS, everyone can write! You don’t need to be a writer, you just need an open mind, pen and paper. This journey will amaze you! Writing can be practiced every day without even interrupting your routine. It can be part of your activities if you just put some mindfulness into it.


I’ll leave you to my first video on my Impressivity Youtube channel and looking forward to hear what you think!

Stay inspired!



Elena · June 6, 2017 at 9:30 AM

Just perfect! Love the video, you look great on the camera!

    Alexandra · June 7, 2017 at 12:25 PM

    Love it! Good luck with this! Source of inspiration- ” Happiness is a state of mind!”


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