Into the woods is not a porn movie, but it’s pretty tough and too reality-related for the children who are supposed to be the main target of the Disney movies. No more fairytales. Warning: spoiler alert and busted Disney myths!

I did however enjoy it a lot, I laughed out loud and in the end it made me wonder whether I would recommend it or not. Well, if you find any of the reasons convincing from the following list of memorable moments, please go to the closest cinema with your girl-friends and don’t force guys to sit through a two-hour musical. As star-studded as it might be, they will start yawning pretty fast.

So, here you have 15 memorable moments from Into the Woods that turned this Disney movie that was supposed to reinvent some classic fairytales into a musical with a twist.

1. Meryl Streep rapping about greens: “Don’t ever never ever mess around with my beans!”

2. Chris Pine as Prince Charming

chris-pine3. Johnny Depp for being the reason I actually went to this movie, but then falling at the bottom of the list, because, you know, Chris Pine… However, he was a sweetheart singing and dancing and shaking his wolfy tail.


4. Chris Pine at his best in the climax of his character (at least for all the women in the audience) while performing “Agony” with Billy Magnussen in what seems to be a hot men shampoo commercial. (you can watch the whole delightful video or just stare for several minutes at the animated picture below)


5.The initiation of Little Red Riding Hood… She now knows things that she didn’t know, huh? And when her mother told her about protection, she gave her a red cape. Very useful, what can I say. Please, Disney, if you want to educate adolescents, at least do it right, protection is not supposed to be put on your shoulders.


6. Lovely voice of Jack – thumbs up!

7. Prince Charming claims to recognize Cinderella due to her eyes, but still does the trick with the lost shoe… Too bad they didn’t have Facebook, so that technology would save them all that trouble.


8. Prince Charming is just a man with needs. Apparently Disney is aware of The Hunting Game too and though they don’t know that much about protection (see above), they decided to educate the naive girls that even Prince Charming has loyalty issues after marrying his princess.

9. On top of that, the woman (Emily Blunt) is punished with falling from a cliff for making out with the prince and he only gets to be a happy bachelor. How is that fair, Disney?


10. So…people die even in fairytales, and not only the dragons and the witches. Time to face the truth: “Happily ever after” is bullshit.

kiss-emily blunt

11. Meryl Streep in an astonishing blue dress and blue hair

meryl streep into the woods

12. In fact, Meryl Streep with the whole performance. You basically get to like the witch, especially during the touching song about a mother’s love when in Rapunzel‘s tower. Evil is not that evil, it has a soft spot too.

witch rapunzel into the woods

13. Funny Anna Kendrick on the stairs, performing while Prince Charming is frozen.

anna-kendrick into the woods

14. Pregnancy happens like… kaboom. Parents are probably relieved that they don’t have to go through explaining how babies are made.


magic-into the woods

15. Well…Chris Pine, again and again, ’cause even time stops when he shows up.

into the woods prince charming


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Elena · January 17, 2015 at 11:49 PM

Awwwww <3 Chris Pine <3

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