Get Your Life Back! – 8 weeks group program



I don’t know what to do…
I can’t stop crying…
I feel worthless…
I can’t stop thinking about him…
I hear you! And it’s time to STOP it! It’s time to move on!

Yes, I’m talking to you. If you’ve said or even thought one of the above at least once in the past week… That’s it!

It’s time to get back your FREEDOM.

 No more feeling sorry for yourself!
 No more blaming yourself for the end of that relationship!
 No more checking his Facebook profile to see the last pics with his new girlfriend!
 No more!

your time is nowYou see, I know how you feel and why you sabotage yourself like this, I’ve been in your position sooo many times. I’ve been dumped, I’ve been in toxic relationships, I’ve been crying my eyes out for each and every guy that used to give me hope…

Until I realised what was happening…

I was repeating a PATTERN. I was stuck in a cycle.


Because I was looking for love OUTSIDE OF ME.

Instead, I changed this pattern and focused on the love INSIDE.


And it has brought me healthy relationships with myself and others ever since.

💡And I want to show you the way too. Because YOU ARE WORTHY.



My new group program “Get your life back” starts in February and for 8 weeks you are going to get my support in becoming the confident woman that doesn’t give a shit about the a**holes in your life. Because you are not willing to take up their shitty excuses anymore.

Because you love yourself so much that you won’t give them the key to your heart. Or your bed. They have to deserve you.

And only by loving yourself enough you will spread around love and attract THE LOVE YOU DESERVE.

This is for you if you are ready to commit and get your life back!

you are lovedWhat you’ll get from this program

  • Your self-confidence will sky-rocket
  • you will put an end to the cycles and patterns of failed relationships
  • you will move on with becoming the best version of yourself
  • you will fall in love with yourself and learn to value who you are
  • your decisions and choices will reflect your inner glow
  • you will transform your life from inside-out
  • you will step into a new journey that will bring more focus and love in your life
  • you will become more independent
  • your life will improve on personal and professional levels

The program includes:
–> 8 modules
–> 8 group calls with me
–> weekly materials and worksheets
–> access to additional resources that have helped me in my journey
–> support in private group exclusive for this program

🎉This program has limited seats and they are filling up quickly. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Investment for 8 weeks: £750


Instalment plan: 
Deposit to secure spot: £199 —>
Payment 1 (in the first 2 weeks): £299 —>
Payment 2 (in the first 4 weeks): £299 —>


I know you think you got this, you can do this on your own and you know how to get back on track.

But I’m here to help you get your life back faster and with the support I wish I had when I was crying my eyes out. And if you think about all the self-help books that you bought and all the Youtube videos that you watch and all the Pinterest images with quotes that you related to, how many of these did you *actually* IMPLEMENT? How many did you put into ACTION?

So don’t cheat on yourself, be honest and take this first step for yourself. YOU DESERVE THIS!

YOU deserve to move on and start a new chapter! You deserve to get your life back!/


Investment for 8 weeks: £750


Instalment plan: 
Deposit to secure spot: £199 —>
Payment 1 (in the first 2 weeks): £299 —>
Payment 2 (in the first 4 weeks): £299 —>



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