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review 2017

As a tradition ever since I started this blog, I always end the year with a review. This time I talked a lot on Facebook live and other social media channels about the best way to look back at your year. It is called “50 wins”.

If you think back at your 2017, what are your wins? What did you achieve, what lessons did you learn? I find it easier to focus on all the positive aspects and shift the negative ones into lessons that shape us in our journey. Why 50? Because it’s a good number to review all 12 months and it makes you focus on the things you are truly grateful for.

Now, as far as I’m concerned, I’ve already written my list of 50 wins for 2017. If I had to make a summary in only one word for this year, it would be gratitude. I’ve learned so much by being grateful for what I have, for what I want to have, for the good things, for the bad things, for everything and everyone in my life.

My journey changed to 180 degrees this year. If I look back at last December, my resolution was to get out of my comfort zone. In all areas of my life. And I did. Big time. More than I would have ever pictured it. And this lead me to an unexpected level of growth, on both personal and professional level.

Out of the 50 wins, I’m just going to highlight a few that defined my path I am now on.

  • Travelling – two of the happiest countries in the world in the same year (Denmark and Colombia) plus the trip to India which totally changed my perspective on life.
  • Meditation – I learned the power of focus, mindfulness, being grounded, relaxing, letting go and in general having a different approach to life that suits me best. Of course this comes with all associated with the experience to meditate, like yoga, breathing, spirituality. And most of all, I’ve learned to listen to my body, something that I hadn’t done in a very long time.
  • Dreams – I discovered new passions and returned to old ones. I took a big leap and wrote my first book, I spoke on 2 stages, I held workshops and I launched my coaching business. Speaking of getting out of my comfort zone, huh? And when I come to think about it, at the beginning of this year I had mapped out my goals after deciding to launch TheGuyThat. Who knew it was going to grow into something far better?

For me, 2017 was a year of change, of transformation, of growth and setting the foundation of something bigger and better. And for this I am more than grateful. Looking forward with excitement to everything the new year will bring.


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