Do you feel like bursting with anger every time someone asks you when you are planning to settle down? Then you should read more on how to face social pressures of being single in order to not feel like slapping all the people that ask questions about your personal life.

social pressures of being single

One of my best friend’s wedding is coming (next year) and she keeps insisting on putting me on the list with a plus one. Of course, I don’t see that as pressure, but I know my friends are already planning to settle, so I am the weirdo in the equation.

After all, I’ve been many times “in between relationships” at social gatherings and other family events that I just became comfortable with sitting at the singles table (trust me, that’s where all the fun happens anyway *wink*).

Social Pressures Of Being Single: Family

The other day, my aunt asked me on the phone what I am waiting for, because when I turn 30, I will become too picky to find a husband. I reassured her that my standards are high anyway now, so age will not change that, but where’s the rush?

Single women (though I’m pretty sure single men go through this too) face a lot of judgement when it comes to reaching mid twenties and not having a serious partner. Whenever I attend a family wedding, I receive many “good wishes” like: “it’s your turn now”. Hey, that sounds more like a threat rather than a choice.

I am aware that mentalities cannot be changed and many grown-ups from previous generations don’t understand how things go. My concern is when people my own age blame me for my choices. Fortunately, my parents never pressured me into settling down, finding a husband or having a baby just yet. I can sometimes sense that they are concerned about me, but they sort of gave up to talk me into anything. They understand it’s not the time yet.

Social Pressures Of Being Single: Prejudice

Society will sometimes put pressure if you are single, but you just have to be strong enough to ignore people who raise eyebrows. Don’t let them get to you, after all they are not the ones living your life, you are entitled to your own decisions.

Most of the times I just smile at any sort of comments over my marital status. I used to be angry and roll my eyes, but I understood that people can have their own opinions just as I have the saying in how I handle my life. Only if the conversation extends, I try explaining why married life is not my immediate goal and although I want a family, I don’t feel ready yet. Or maybe I just didn’t find “the one”.  So deal with it! Just as I am dealing with it too!

I’m not going to show off different male assets at events just because the etiquette says you need a plus one. I am perfectly happy with having fun by myself, thank you very much. Being single is not the end of the world and social pressure is definitely not something to be taking into account when you make your personal decisions.

Commitments are serious, don’t let society push you into compromise, just because your relatives think you’ll become a spinster if you don’t marry in the next two years.

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