“Write hard and clear about what really hurts” – Ernest Hemingway

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Your story is unique. And so is your pain. When you’ve gone through a break-up, you can’t help but feel like you are the only person in the world suffering right now. When you feel your heart breaking into a million pieces, it feels like it is never going to get healed.

But what about reading some stories about women who’ve gone through a break-up recently? What about reading about how they managed to cope with the pain? That might make you feel less lonely. It might get you to think that your story is not maybe the only dramatic situation happening.

How about you starting to write as well for another woman who is feeling lost and lonely after her break-up?

Story Sharing For You

When you start writing, your emotions become more real, but they also get a shape and a place into your story. They are no longer only your pain, it is the pain on the paper. It is an emotion that stays outside of you.

Once you’ve finished typing, your thoughts are no longer entangled. They have a start and an end. You can look at words and see the pain outside of you. Your healing starts right then and there with story sharing if you pour your heart out on the paper.

Story Sharing For Others

Remember how reading other women’s experiences makes you feel better? Once your story is out there, someone else will read your thoughts and if they are in the same situation, they will relate to your words. Maybe you will help them heal too. Maybe you will inspire them too. So why not write it down?

TheGuyThat.com – Story Sharing Platform

Writing has helped me in numerous situations. I escape into writing especially after break-ups. So if you are in this situation and want to share your point of view with the whole world for their benefit, for your benefit and for a lesson to be taught and learned, then it’s time to write.
Send a story to write@theguythat.com and release your soul. Write hard and write clear and it will stop hurting.


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