Wonder Woman Is In Each Of Us


What does Wonder Woman do? She saves the world from war. But what do we, women do? We save the day. Every day!

wonder woman movie review

I went to see the new Wonder Woman movie with Gal Gadot last night. As I was feeling all confident and badass, I got home to discover a clogged toilet. But guess who saved the day? My super-powers kicked in, I fixed the toilet without calling a plummer and oh man, I realised how Wonder Woman feels like. I’d better add this one to my list of “10 Times I Felt Like Wonder Woman”

As for the movie, have to say I left the cinema with mixed feelings. Too many cliches packed in a superheroes movie, don’t you think?

  • Wonder Woman saves the world… for love.

Well, as nice as it sounds, I found it a bit too cheesy. Women can fight for pragmatic reasons too, you know?

  • She ends up single…

… as if women don’t deserve to be strong, independent…and have a family and live happily ever after. This reminds me of a previous rant about the dilemma Are Single Women More Successful?. Yeah, I get the point of making sacrifices, but why does Superman get to keep Lois Lane?

  • Germans are bad, English are good…

I’m sure you’ve seen this one in at least one other movie.

Good movie overall, how could I not love the powerful woman who destroys the bad guys and makes it all about peace in the world. Plus I love that she has an accent, meaning there is hope for non-English speakers to become heroes too. But why is she in Paris?


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