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Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a self-esteem coach. I’m here to support you if you feel lost after the end of a relationship. I can help you fall in love with yourself again, step back into your confidence and gain your independence.

writing therapy coach

I love writing! Writing has helped me get over some tough times in my life and now it is part of my every day life. I write for my blog, I’m writing my book and I am here to help you see the infinite benefits of writing! Because writing is therapy, I am here to be your coach and step into your potential with simple exercises that will involve pen and paper. You will break through the blocks that brought your self-esteem down and you will find the confidence and independence that have been buried in yourself.

I organize workshops around London – if you’d like to stay informed about the latest events, drop me an email below or sign up here.

If you’d like to work with me 1:1 or in a group coaching program to help you re-discover your self-esteem, drop me a line below and book a FREE 30-minutes┬ádiscovery call to explore the possibilities of how I may be of help for you.

In the meantime, please feel free to join my Facebook group The Impressive Women Squad, the place where I share advice about getting over your break-up and stepping into your self-confidence and where you will be surrounded by love and support by many impressive women.