When you look better, you feel better. And the other way around.

working out for self esteem

What I have been learning recently is that no matter what happens in your life, your self esteem MUST remain high. You have to love yourself first, be your best friend and your most eager critic.

So when your self esteem level lowers, what does your best friend say to you in the bathroom mirror? Go get it back! And while you are starring at you in your bathroom mirror, you realise your muscles are not that prominent any more and that your abs are a bit overwhelmed by the tight trousers you are wearing. How’s that for making an impression? This instantly brings your mood down and makes you feel bad about yourself.

Your best friend must then go into action and kick your b*tt  to get back to gym. Working out will make you feel stronger and less stressed. So this is why I am motivating myself to get back into a regular schedule of renewing my gym membership.

Here is why working out for self esteem is important:

  • You look better

It doesn’t have to be summer for you to think about those 6-pack abs. You must look good during winter time too. If during hot season you are concerned about exposing your body to others while wearing less clothes, winter doesn’t have to mean you are finally hiding under layers and layers of fabric. On the contrary, you still have to look good for yourself (and for your partner if that’s the case).  You have to look smoking hot in those jeans even when you are wearing them with boots.

  • You are healthier

Working out for self esteem also makes your blood circulate, your muscles move, your body consume all that fat and your bones strengthen. All these benefits will be counting more and more while you get older so you will have to thank yourself for working out in your youth.

  • You feel better

Have you ever experienced that feeling after leaving the gym? I’m not talking about hunger or exhaustion. I am talking about your energy level going through the roof! Because working out for self esteem is improving your dose of energy and keeps your mind as active as your body.

  • You feel motivated

Motivation to working out for self esteem comes in different packages. During summer evenings, I simply get motivated by the long daylight and warm air to go running. In the winter, I am motivated by the simple walk to the gym and mainly the thought of the feeling after.

Sometimes, getting back into working out routines can be as challenging as picking it up for the first time. You want to be in shape and feel good, but if that could happen while you watch your favorite movies and eat chocolate, that would be perfect. Well, we don’t live in a perfect world and we already know that results only come after hard work, so you feel ten times better after all that effort. And additionally you will be more motivated to continue and keep your self esteem up.

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