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Impressivity is not even a word in English, but when the idea came to my mind, I knew right away it is perfect and it embodies all that I wanted to say. Impressivity is about making impressions as well as building and expressing impressions. It is powerful and sophisticated, while it reduces all surroundings to subjectivity and the power of filtering moments through one’s perception. It is impressive.

The English dictionary defines an impression as “a deep lasting effect on the mind or feelings of somebody”. Impressivity is about effects with impact and subtlety at the same time. It is the impact of beauty that impregnates a strong first impression on human beings and it develops into the subtlety of brains and knowledge that strenghten or change that impression in the mind or feelings of a person. No matter what, it is essential to make an impression wherever you go. 

Go ahead, let your mind formulate impressions about anything and everything. And be prepared to impress them all with impact and subtlety. This is the message to my future Impressivity readers, especially now, when I embrace new challenges into my life and one of them is this project as my first step towards making it count, towards making an impression.

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