It’s that time of the year again.

You know, the one when you get nostalgic about this past year and keep saying…

“Time flies”, “Where did all these months go?”, “How is it Christmas AGAIN???”.

And then you remember this year…

… you were planning to go on a roadtrip with your friends.

… you were going to lose some weight.

… oh yes, and maybe start selling those cute necklaces you love making that always get hundreds of likes on your Facebook page.

… ah and you were supposed to get over your ex.


It was all on that colored piece of paper. You wrote that list on the 1st January and one week later you cleaned your desk and threw the paper in a drawer..

I can see you cringe. I know you did that.

No, I didn’t plant security cameras in your room.

I just know because I used to do THE SAME!

I’d write down goals and New Year’s Resolutions – I’m a freakin’ huge list-maker –   and then put the piece of paper in a … “safe” place. Meaning I’d forget about it. Sooo safe!

In fact, the list was so freakin’ scary to me, that I didn’t even have the guts to START IT.

Just the simple thought of trying to learn how to play the piano or to plan a vacation seemed so complicated.

Not to mention starting a business. Apocaliptic!

But I would end up on the next Christmas and New Year having the same goals on my list and wondering “Where did this year go?”.

Until I realised, I just need to trust myself more. I need courage. “Cojones”.

I gotta be more confident and TAKE THE FIRST STEP.

“Is there a magic pill?”, I kept wondering. I just wish I could wake up in the morning and feel confident and smash all my New Year’s Resolution. Bam bam bam!

Actually I realised I should start practicing my CONFIDENCE muscle EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not just pushing myself for a one-time-hit.


You know, it’s more like training in the gym, only without the sweat. And it can even be FUN! Who doesn’t want fun?!

So I’ve put together all the tools and tips and exercises I have used – yes, I’ve tried them all and I keep using them to this day!! – and I created for you the CONFIDENCE BOOSTER PROGRAM.

It’s kinda like a magic potion, but you gotta put in some work too, you know, for the confidence muscle to get bigger and bigger and eventually get it to stay.






What is the Confidence Booster Program about?

You basically get a kick in the bum. Like you were training for a competition one month from now. So you need to get your a$$ kicked every single morning. For 30 days.

How are you gonna do that Alex?

I’m going to be in your inbox every goddam day for 30 days. So that you set your intention and follow through with the daily challenges. Remember, this is a program where you get challenged and you need to put in the work.

This is not for you if you’re not ready to show up every day fully and ready to push your limits. I’m not gonna ask you to go bungee-jumping, though some of the days you might feel a similar kind of adrenaline pulsing in your veins.

What am I getting after 30 days?

Ahhhhh the sweet reward… You get to achieve anything you want. You get to look at your list of New Year’s Resolutions and start taking action. Step by step. Day after day. But you’ll look at it and know it’s all possible. You can do it! You believe in yourself. You get the discipline and the habits. And you show up with so much confidence every day. And your friends will not even recognize you, because now you’re not finding excuses anymore, you’re actually doin’ it.. ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

What if it’s not for me?

If you’re smashing goals left and right, taking action like superwoman and score like a hot seniorita in all areas of your life, then this program is not for you. You’ve already got the tools. But for all of us humans, we sometimes need a push.

Look, everybody needs a boost of confidence from time to time. I know I do. And there are mornings when I need to pull out one of the tools I’ve practiced and put it to work so that I get motivated to move forward and take action.

And to make sure 100% that you’ll get everything you need from this 30-day program, you and I are gonna have a chat for 30 minutes and set your goals so that you get all the benefits (you can call it coaching session or casual heart-to-heart, but we’ll look straight into what you need and what you’re getting out of it). Is that cool?

Ok, I’m interested, what next?

Wohoo, congrats, girl! You’ve made up your mind and that’s the first step to being a hot sexy confident woman! Once you purchase the program on the button below and pay, you will get an email from me. Then we’ll schedule your coaching experience.

You can take the coaching call AT ANY TIME during the 30 days of the Confidence Booster Program. I usually recommend it to be at the start so that you are clear on what to expect from the program, but if you’re busy and just wanna kickstart with your confidence challenges, then you are free to do so. We can check in at the start, during or at the end of the program, completely up to you!

I’ll be in your inbox every day for 30 consecutive days and you get to fill in the workbook all your ideas and notes.  Plus, you’ll get to keep all the tools and exercises FOR LIFETIME to use them anytime you need another boost.

How does it sound?

The full price investment is 149 EUR. The value is priceless.

You will get:
30 challenges in your inbox, one email per day for 30 consecutive days with lifetime access




 “I’m beginning to feel more confident and I feel more like my old self. I just had to realise a lot of the things I do daily and remember that I’m actually an amazing person, irrespective of being in a relationship or not. This course was exactly what I needed, it has given me the support and kick in the bum to help move on. “  – Lynda

“I am finding that every morning I am looking forward to the daily emails and challenge that is set out for me and it is giving me a new drive to focus on me and my life and help try build my self confidence and esteem, and I thank you for that.” – Anonymous

*you will fill the form in the next page and proceed to payment for 149 EUR


Don’t let another year pass by without taking action! Don’t let your New Year’s Resolutions to be last year’s resolutions again…

Don’t let your goals remain on paper and the paper in the drawer for one more year

Boost your confidence for the next 30 days and get it to stay with you for the next year. Or for lifetime. You’ll have the tools.

What are you waiting for?

Got more questions I didn’t cover yet? Send me an email at