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We get used to working hard before we see any results. We are taught from school that only if we put in the extra effort we will succeed.

What they forget to teach us in the regular education system is what to do when the results are not meeting our expectations. Hence so many people hit failure mode and put an end to their dreams. Even worse, some never find their way back on track.

The question is: what should we do when we put in the blood, sweat and tears and the objectives are not met? How do we push through failures? How do we keep vision of our goals?

It seems impossible. It seems complicated, yet is very simple.

Just let go.

You might think I’m crazy. I thought the same when I was advised to do so. I’ve had to learn the hard way by being stubborn.

I remember how badly I wanted to move back to Finland, the country where I had studied and that found its special place in my heart. I had a plan set and I pushed all the buttons.

It didn’t work out.

And I struggled. I just couldn’t let go of the disappointment.

I was too focused on the end goal and I was blinded by the failure, without being able to see all the other opportunities that had opened up. I was so stubborn that I allowed my ego to bring me on the edge of depression.

But being stubborn is not the same with being persistent. When you are stubborn, you want to do everything your own way. When you are persistent, you are willing to try options, test alternatives. Failure becomes success in disguise.

Letting go is not the same with giving up. And here is why.

When I say that letting go is the secret to pushing through, people raise their eyebrows because they think I’m saying to put their feet up and stop taking actions.

Instead I’m saying “Surrender!”. Let go of control and surrender to the process.

Working hard towards a goal is admirable. But we tend to get so attached to the final objective that we start missing out. We miss the smaller steps and the lessons along the way. We miss the alternative solutions that we may encounter. We miss opportunities. We miss out all the fun. We forget to enjoy the ride to the result.

Learning to let go means seeing things in perspective. We learn from the mistakes. We steer the boat. We take one step further. We might even change the goals. Because control makes us stubborn in an unhealthy way. What we need is to be determined.

And persistence means not giving up. As one of my favourite quotes from Napoleon Hill says:

“A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”.


Giving up means to stop taking any actions. Letting go means taking consistent actions and allowing space for them to develop, change, and flourish.

Giving up means losing focus. Letting go means keeping the focus and commitment.

Giving up is accepting being defeated. Letting go is seeing success in its various forms.

Giving up is limiting yourself. Letting go is expanding your horizons beyond any expectations.

Giving up is always living with regrets. Letting go is living in fulfillment.

Giving up is losing your faith. Letting go means fueling your confidence and staying true to yourself and your dreams.

Giving up is seeing only the negative steps of the process. Letting go is allowing the process to be.

Giving up is quitting. Letting go is surrendering.

Are you ready to let go?


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