It’s been one year and a few weeks since I’ve moved to my rented studio flat in West London. I’ve enjoyed the layout of the furniture and got settled in. But yesterday I decided to revamp the place and use some tips on how to declutter my home.

how to declutter, organise, home tips

The reason was initially for general cleaning and getting rid of the recent British spiders invasion. And by British spiders I mean the huge eight-legged animals that sneak in the house from the garden during the mating season. Decluttering seemed the best option to make sure they are not hiding in different corners of the flat. But then I really got into the job.

How To Declutter Your House

Step 1: I started with throwing away any unnecessary stuff – like old boxes and packages of products that I don’t really need and I’m not intending to return. Also now is probably the good time to go through your pile of magazines, bills and anything that’s sitting on your desk. Throw away or put in the recycling containers.

Step 2: Move the furniture away from the walls and vacuum behind it. I found two t-shirts behind one of my cupboards. You never know what you lost until you find it again!

Step 3: Reorganise! I switched the position of my bed and now placed it centrally. I have easier access to my window and plenty of space to work.

how to declutter, home tips, ideas

How To Declutter Your Life

Similar to moving things around in your house, your life needs upgrading and revamping every once in a while. It’s easy to settle in and create a comfort zone, but it’s always ideal to stretch that comfort zone and bring the element of novelty.

Analyse and get rid of toxic relationships that don’t serve you. Spend less time around people who bring your mood down or whose energy doesn’t resonate at the same level with yours.

Stop investing time in activities that are not serving your bigger purpose. Reorganise your schedule around your objectives and prioritise!

Make room for the good things like you would make room for new furniture. Change, upgrade, improve, prioritise!

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