Today we are talking about the importance of learning to be by yourself.

be by yourself

People are not used to being alone. We always crave for company, we crave company, we always like to be surrounded by friends and we like to keep ourselves busy all the time in order to not let our thoughts invade our mind.

That reflects a fear of accepting our inner thoughts and our feelings. There are people who have trouble falling asleep, so they just exhaust themselves during the day and then instantly fall asleep when their head hits the pillow. But that’s not a solution! In order to overcome a fear, it is best to face it.

I remember the first time I went to a restaurant to have breakfast by myself. I was in a hotel and I went downstairs for breakfast and all I wanted to do was to become invisible. There were people staring at me, wondering what is wrong with me, why am I being alone. Of course, that was just in my head. Nobody cared I was there and instead I should have enjoyed my breakfast.
Now, years later, I learned being by myself through practice, by pushing my limits, by solo travelling, by getting out of my comfort zone. I actually enjoy dining by myself as a treat once in a while.

Writing Exercise: Learning To Be By Yourself

I would like to invite you to take the first step in learning to be by yourself.

Go to a coffee place, order a coffee and sit down at a table. Instead of grabbing your phone and starting to look on social media or texting your friends, put your phone down and look around. Look at the people at the other tables, look outside on the street, and just make peace with your mind.

Let your thoughts flow and let your mind wonder. Accept your feelings and get used to your sensations. Just stay present.

In case you feel lonely, just have with you a notebook and a pen and start scribbling down anything that comes to your mind. It will be the perfect exercise as the first step into learning to be by yourself. Let me know how it goes. Stay inspired!


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