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Unsplash / Photo by Dan Roizer

Riding the tube back last night from the Celine Dion concert at the O2 (which is indeed a looong ride back home) was an honest delight. It started with the waiting line to enter the underground station.  I always love the post-concert queueing to the tube. I don’t know how many of you have attended a concert in London, but the best vibe and singing happens right there, outside the station!

Once I made it inside, I was too tired to look at my phone and even to get my iPod out. Instead I gazed at the other passengers. Oh boy, the London tube stories I noticed developing in one hour. Tube life is so interesting when you get your eyes out of your smartphone and just look around you!

  • A young girl, around 16-17 years old and her dad were talking about the concert. Meanwhile, a mother and her 2 teenage sons sat down next to them. They were carrying Celine Dion t-shirts, so they immediately started talking and sharing impressions about how cool the show was. Turns out both families had travelled from outside London for the concert. Instant friendship! Loved it!


  • After hearing the announcement that I had missed the last train home, I was calculating in my head the best route, when I spotted a dad and his daughter playing cards. They were using their suitcases as a support. The dad was all suited up, looking like they were travelling to or from the airport, but he was all happy to spend time with the 5-6 year-old girl. Maybe it wasn’t his daughter, given that there were no resemblances, not even in skin colour, but I’d like to think they were related and it made the moment even more touching and heartwarming. While I was looking at them playing, story number 3 was unfolding.


  • A fairly good-looking young man sitting across from me was reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “The Beautiful and Damned” but didn’t really seem to be focusing on the book. He was all fidgeting and passing his hand nervously through his hair. I see him pulling out a notebook from his backpack and then looked for a pen in a pencil case. He thought for a few seconds and then started scribbling something. He tore the piece of paper off, folded it and put it in his pocket, then pretended he got back to reading his book. We both stood up to get off at Earl’s Court station. I see him taking the piece of paper out of his pocket and leaves it on the empty chair next to a blonde girl. I know, you thought the note was for me, right? I admit it crossed my mind, but it was so nice and refreshing to see that romance still exists around. The tube took a few minutes before departing and I stayed on the platform to see the follow-up. All I could notice was that the guy stormed off to the exit without looking back, while the girl looked confused at the paper, unfolded it, read it then took out her phone and started texting. Now, my guess and hope is that the guy left his phone number and she at least decided to thank him in a text. But maybe she just texted her friends to have a laugh. I’d rather go with my first option, to keep the conclusion about romance still existing.

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