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For me, being able to just leave the house without any type of bag, purse, backpack or wallet is something I would have never considered acceptable. Maybe because I am always used to carrying stuff with me. Which turns out to be useless stuff since I don’t really seem to need it when I go on a mindfulness walk.

Walking out of the door with only my phone, my headphones and my keys gives me such a sense of freedom. OK, I do put some change in my pocket to spoil myself with a good coffee during my walk, but I don’t need the whole wallet for that.

It’s what I did this time as well. I walked my way to The Coffee Traveler in Chiswick, grabbed one of the best coffees around here and walked. Aimlessly. Mindfulness walk. I was listening in the meantime to a meditation track and I just let myself go. Watch the people. Stop to pet the dogs that came to sniff my wellies. And then keep walking, breathing, feeling every sip of hot coffee. It’s amazing how many hidden gems are around Chiswick. Just following the Thames path to the West reveals some really interesting treasures.

mindfulness walk thames path kew

I crossed the Kew Bridge and then found the path by the river. I like walking by the river. Seeing the water gives me a sense of calmness that I barely get anywhere else. I stopped to smell a bunch of pink roses and my eyes instinctively closed when I breathed in. Maybe it was the raindrops that enhanced their charming smell, or maybe it was just me, really feeling the power of the flower.

mindfulness walk thames path chiswick

Rays of sunshine were trying to make themselves some room between the clouds and they would conquer the sky for a couple of minutes, only to be overtaken later by the thick dark puffs. It started raining a few times, but luckily I could just put on my hoodie, keep my sunglasses on and keep on with my mindfulness walk. I only turned around when the rain got more intense and my coffee was over. And I admired once more the beauty of the sky, the river, the canoe boats, the birds and the fascinating pink roses on my way home.


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