I love writing! I studied journalism then went into digital marketing. I started blogging to feed my writing passion. It kicked off with fashion, dating, traveling, basically sharing the lessons I was learning in my daily life. But it was only when I had a breakdown that I truly connected with the healing power of writing.

I remember it so clearly… that feeling of disconnection, like an out-of-body experience for over six months. Until I ended up Googling “what is the meaning of life”. Then I had a major panic attack. I seeked a therapist and during those sessions, the most valuable breakthroughs were coming from the writing exercises.

I was beginning to reconnect with my feelings, I was beginning to understand my thoughts. I was getting my body back and most importantly – my soul. I was re-discovering and loving this person. Myself.

The secret is, the inner work is an ongoing process. It’s so easy to say “Yey, I am cured now, I can go back to my life”. But most of the times, you end up repeating patterns and running your life based on your lifelong programming.

I fell into that trap and I almost relapsed. Luckily I had the tools and support to come back to surface.

That’s why I’m committed to support you in this journey now. My mission is to never let anyone ever again type in the Google search box “What is the meaning of life”. Because it’s all within. It starts with self-love. And pen and paper!

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