The launch event for my book “Write Your Way To Happiness” in Romania has filled me with so much love and gratitude.

I was asked several times on the night if I was nervous. I checked in with myself and I wasn’t.

Because it was all feeling so right and I was surrounded by so much love from dear people I hadn’t seen in so long and from people I had just met.

I felt truly blessed and there is no better way to express it than with a huge THANK YOU 

Thank you first of all to my superwoman friend Elena Stanciu, who put together the beautiful concept of the event and turned it into reality.

Thank you to the partners who took part in the Designers fair with original creations and special crafts dedicated to “Write Your Way To Happiness”, who also offered prizes for the raffle at the end of the event:
Zuriell, Liliana Arnaut, Bookletta, Colorate.

We also had a special product launch on the night for the brand Launtric – t-shirts with inspirational messages (one of them said Write Your Way To Happiness if you watched my live on the day, you know what I’m talking about).

Massive thanks to the sponsors of the event: Domeniile Samburesti for the Rose wine, AQUA Carpatica for the water, Ambrozia for savory snacks, Raw Gâteau for handmade healthy sweets, Meli Melo – Paris for the gorgeous goodie bags, Dacia 24 for my skirt, LINia13 for the most gorgeous handmade traditional Romanian blouse, Qreator by IQOS for hosting us, LaurArt Photography for the beautiful pictures.

I was glad to also have my parents at the event and to be surrounded by dear friends who supported me

and celebrated with me the launch of my book in Romania.


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